Tax Planning

Businesses don’t stand still: they evolve and grow. They face new issues, opportunities, and challenges. We work with our clients proactively to ensure that their businesses receive knowledgeable and informed tax planning advice.

The partners at Dusanj & Wirk are very involved in this process so that every client benefits from the highest level of expertise. Our firm closely monitors the latest federal and provincial tax legislations to identify potential issues and advantages for our clients.

We continually invest in our team's tax education to ensure that we are always on top of new tax developments that may affect our clients' business.
Tax planning services provided

Personal tax planning: Ensuring that you benefit from all available income tax deductions and credits, as well as making sure that you are aware of all potential tax planning opportunities.

Corporate tax planning: Creating recommendations for your company’s structure that allows you to minimize income taxes while achieving your business goals. We also work with our clients in developing plans for succession planning, reorganizations and buying and selling of businesses.

Estate planning: Working with families to ensure their wealth is passed on efficiently to the next generation. This includes plans to minimize the income taxes your estate may incur as well as probate fees.

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