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Led by our accomplished and very involved partners, everyone on the Dusanj & Wirk team is focused on helping our clients succeed. We have an exceptional team which means that every client receives the same knowledgeable advice, focused attention, and depth of experience.

Michael Turner
Chantal Nguyen
Shawna Kirkendale
Heather Carroll
Alex Nelson
Mark Freitag
Amanda Shang
Michaela Bianchini
Erin Smyth
Mackenzie Bowman
Megan Sutherland
Joshua Morrell
Nicole Friesen
Liam Clark
Kaitlin McDonald
Chris Waters
Alok Sharma
Shamindri Liyanage
Marcus Li
Jane Egan
Francesca Bai
Binsil Johny
Jerin George
Carly Riehl
Jillian Anderson
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